Thursday, August 17, 2017

Currency Trading

Chartists have long held the belief that patterns can predict future price movement. These assumptions are largely based on the interpretative analysis of the trader or technician that happens to be looking at it. Often times, two traders can be looking at the same chart and have two entirely different opinions. It’s this sort of […]

Successful forex traders use a variety of methods in which to base their directional bias before placing a trade. Chart formations, or patterns, have been used as a foundational basis for many trading systems dating back to the ancient Japanese rice traders who would use hand drawn candlestick charts as a way of interpreting supply […]

For investors and traders, the internet has created an environment that allows anyone to participate in forex trading online. What makes this so different from other markets is the fact that currency trading, despite it’s huge global volume was only available to huge banks and international monetary funds who had the ability and capital to […]

Achieving success in any business venture can be a difficult and challenging task. I recently read in a business review journal that most small business’s fail because they are undercapitalized. Which means, in very simplistic terms, that they ran out of money before the company’s profits could cash-flow the  company’s operating expenses. Now, let’s think […]

The trading public, the new aspiring currency trading person, and the curious observer of the forex all seem to think that the secret to creating wealth in the markets is to have some sort of magic indicator or system that few people know about. It’s this kind of thinking that keeps the trading system gurus […]

A good trading system is invaluable to the professional trader and should be an integral part of any trading plan. A good system provides an objective, statistically logical and responsible way to speculate in the forex markets. They are always rule based and they can be automated (like a robot) or they can be used […]

Technical trading systems are used by currency traders to provide clear entries and exits for trades based on a set of rules. By adhering to a very specific set of rules that govern your trading decisions, you have the foundation in place for most robust forex trading systems. In previous articles we discussed the differences […]

Light years ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. financial institutions, banks and international monetary funds were the only participants in the trading of foreign exchange instruments. Thats a fancy way of saying forex! Forex brokers at the retail level did not exist because these institutions monopolized the foreign exchange due to their abilities to […]

For a currency trader, nothing creates a better or more valuable picture of price data then a price chart. This visual representation is the primary tool used by traders to develop directional opinions and to forecast future movements in price. Understanding forex charts and how to use them properly is an important step in the […]

Any new student of the currency markets must first recognize the importance of selecting and enrolling in a forex trading course if they wish to go from being an aspiring trader to becoming a profitable trader. I use the term “profitable”  rather then experienced because it’s important to recognize the distinction between the two. The […]